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Kalkie WTP


The treatment plant is to be upgraded to enable the plant to achieve 200 L/s instantaneous output and to improve the quality of the treated water under all raw water quality conditions.

The upgrade includes:

  • A new PAC Contact Tank (PCT) incorporating mechanical mixers. The outlet of the PCT is such that the PAC contacted water will gravitate to a new settling process;
  • A new Inclined Plate Settler (IPS) featuring stainless steel plates.
  • De-commissioning of the dissolved air flotation unit.
  • A new Washwater Recovery Tank (WRT) receiving settled sludge from the IPS. Washwater and IPS sludge is currently discharged to the existing sludge lagoons and this stream would be diverted to the new WRT.
  • A new chemical dosing facility housing PAC, alum, polymer, caustic soda, future acid and sodium hypochlorite.
  • Upgrading of the access road into and around the site to enable the delivery of bulk chemicals;
  • Installation of supporting infrastructure such as interconnecting pipework and valving, new monitoring equipment, new instrumentation and control equipment and electrical works.

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Client Bundaberg Regional Council
Project location Kalkie, Queensland
Contract system Design & Construct
Contract sum $12 million
Completion date: Due January 2022
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