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Landers Shute WTP 9ML Clear Water Storage Tank 1 Refurbishment


Landers Shute WTP has two Clearwater Storage Tanks (CWST) in series. The reservoir is circular in shape with an internal diameter of approx. 46m. The structure consists of an externally post tensioned 250mm thick concrete perimeter wall, internal reinforced concrete columns, Steel UB sections spanning between the columns with Z150 purlins and zincalume roof sheeting over. The roof slopes inwardly towards a central zincalume AZ 200 box gutter.

The reservoir requires major refurbishment works due to deterioration and several components no longer compliant with current Seqwater standards.  The scope of works includes:

  • Reservoir Roof Replacement,
  • Reservoir Staircase Installation
  • Reservoir Refurbishment, including  new internal epoxy coating to wall, floor & columns

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Client Seqwater
Contract system Construct
Contract sum $1.9 million
Reservoir capacity 9ML
Completion date Due: April 2021
Project location Montville, Queensland
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